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Delivery Policy

Dispatching an order

Where you have indicated your preferred pickup time on the Site or any other indication of a time of pickup, this information is used to assist Us prepare your order for you, but is not a guarantee of service.

To protect both you and Us from fraud, before any purchases will be dispatched to you, you will need to be able to prove your identity as the customer at the time of pick-up by presenting:

·  The invoice emailed to you at the time of purchase;

·  A current New Zealand Driver’s License or a current New Zealand Passport are the ONLY forms of valid ID accepted for in store pick up.

·  Any acceptable tender types used in the transaction (e.g. the Credit Card) used to Order 

To protect you and Us from fraud you are unable to nominate an agent or representative to collect goods on your behalf in respect of transactions that exceed $3000.


The Site does not organize or guarantee delivery. If you require delivery, you must contact the Store for further information.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to go into the store and finalise the delivery details, including payment and the purchaser must be the primary card holder.

Any request to deliver Purchases to a delivery address or another Store for pick-up may incur delivery costs.

Risk and title to the Products remains with until all monies payable (including any interest, freight or insurance charges) have been paid and cheques, direct deposits or; and passes to you on date and time of dispatch from a Store or on delivery.