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Laybys offers laybys to customers who prefer to pay via installments 

  • ensures that your products are kept safely until fully paid off, unless payments are not made.
  • You will receive a written copy of the layby contract before you buy and are able to obtain a free statement at any time
  • If you wish to cancel your layby contract, you may do so at any time before the final payment and you will receive a refund when you cancel. There will be no charges for cancelling your layby early.
 Your layby form will state the following:
  • the purchase price
  • any payments already made
  • the balance owing and when this should be paid
  • any cancellation fees (if applicable).

You can cancel a layby for any reason before the last payment. Just let us know. After cancelling, will immediately give you a full refund in cash or refund the amount you have paid so far, less a reasonable cancellation fee, if this applies.